relay rod

  1. aonis

    Tie Rod, Relay Rod or is this something else?

    Hey folks, It's come to my attention that this piece (relay rod?) has become a bit loose. You can see it move in its joint a bit when you have the car in park and move the steering wheel back and forth a bit. Also when I'm driving and go over some bumps I can hear a click or something like it...
  2. MACFJ60

    Relay Rod

    In the process of getting of getting an alignment by my Toyota dealership, after my leaf spring install it appears they used a pipe wrench on my relay rod. Any issue with rust with the metal exposed? Other than the cosmetics anything else I should be concerned about?
  3. FJP971

    Wanted FZJ80 Relay Rod/Drag Link

    Looking for a stock relay rod/drag link in the Portland OR area. I only need the rod, not the ends but if they're included that's fine. Thanks in advance. Jason
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