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  1. E

    Wanted  BJ42 Zebra style front facing rear seats

    I have a BJ42 LX from 1984 - bought from new by my father. The car is in original condition but without the rear seats. The rear seats were not included (probably for tax reasons) when my father bought the car. The front seats are with the cool zebra stripes. So, I would like to find the same...
  2. mrjordann

    Are these seats factory?

    I found this picture on google images, but I can't find any information on it. When I click on the page, the picture can't be found anywhere. This looks like very late model 40 series with carpet and different rear seats. Does anybody...
  3. mrjordann

    Rear Jump Seats Do Not Match (1973 USDM FJ40)

    Hi, this is peculiar. One of my jump seats sits too far toward the center of the vehicle, and the rubber feet don't sit where they're supposed to. I attached pictures of the mechanism on the seat which pushed it out farther. I'm assuming this can't be factory... Was one of my seats replaced...
  4. F

    For Sale  FJ60 Rear Seat Back

    Seat back from 84 FJ60. Brown cloth cover. $75 + shipping.
  5. Z

    Folding Rear Seat Question

    Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to iH8mud. Thanks in advance for all of the help I'm certain I'll be asking for. My first question - I've got an 85 FJ60. I've seen photos of FJ60s with the rear seat folded all the way forward to that it lays flat. In those pics, it appears that the seat bottom...
  6. athensrep

    For Sale  HJ75 HZJ75 rear jump seats - $300

    I have two rear jumps seats from my HJ75 drivers side (US LHD) in decent shape. Both work fine and just need a cleaning. There is some tape on on corner. You can have the belts too. I don't need it as mine is now outfitted for camping. I'm in Atlanta.
  7. athensrep

    For Sale  HJ74 HJ45 rear jump seats - Atlanta

    I have two - both for the US drivers side - in good overall shape. Needs some cleaning up, but folds up great. If you need seat belts, I have those too. $300 take them.
  8. Mark7640

    Jump Seat Fabrication

    I am tired of searching for used Jump Seats and wondering if anyone has taken the time to create dimensioned drawings/plans for rear jump seat frames (short version). I'm thinking I may try to fab my own but nothing to work off of. Or, if anyone near me would consider letting me take some...
  9. yOHda

    For Sale  FJ40 rear seats

    Sold. Kelvin.
  10. E

    For Sale  AZ: FJ60 front and rear seats (brown/yellow)

    Got two sets of FJ60 front seats and a rear bench seat as pictured below. $75 per front seat $150 for the rear bench Located in Phoenix, AZ. Prefer local pickup.
  11. tucson100

    Wanted  Rear Seats 2000 LC100 Tan

    Looking for a set of 3rd row seats to fit my 2000 100series. Interior is Tan Leather. Third kid is coming any day now. Need space to fit another car seat (which will force me to get a roof rack next. Bonus!) I'm in Tucson, AZ. Willing to drive a little to pick up or possibly arrange...
  12. JimmyMac

    Wanted  Rear Jumpseats

    Looking for a pair of jumpseats for a 1970 FJ40, these are the long rectangular ones with single screw mounting, preferably with decent frames the rest is inmaterial. Let me know what you have thanks Jim shipping to N. California
  13. mmw68

    FJ40 Rear jump seat covers install 101

    Iam finally getting around to rebuilding my FJ40 jump seats. Recovering the jump seats is very straightforward, but after searching ih8mud, I still had questions. So I decided to write up my observations, here are a few tips from my upholstery supplier, and the parts and tools I used. Let's...
  14. kansascityFJ

    Anyone use SOR's REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION on FJ60?

    Hey just wondering if anyone has used this aftermarket REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION kit on their FJ60 from SOR? Ive searched threads and find retrofits from FJ62's...but need anyones thoughts on their kit. Its the one at the bottom of the page: the REAR 3 POINT BELT CONVERSION Link: Page 305...
  15. R

    100 Series Third Row Seating

    Hey guys, long time lurker. I have a 100 series cruiser I purchased to build a camping/road trip rig. The third row seats are missing the plastic and hinges that attach the bottom of the seat to the latches in the floor of the truck. I am having a hell of time a locating these parts, or finding...
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