1. T

    Headlights - Bulb positioning/output direction

    I have looked for other threads addressing this, but cannot find anything. I bought a 2004 LX 470 a few months ago and am loving it. My driver side headlight output seems to be pointed to the sky while my passenger side is much lower. I can see it when I pull into my driveway the main beam...
  2. ClayGrizzly

    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolts Broken

    While doing a Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement on my 2002 Land Cruiser over the last week, I snapped both of the long Camshaft Position Sensor bolts while trying to meet the FSM's torque specs. These things were FRAGILE, and now I have a serious bolt extraction problem. The bolts are: P#...
  3. Skrugg

    1997 Land Cruiser Throttle Position Sensor Question

    I just got a 1997 land cruiser! Previous owner had a shop do all the work. However, there's lots of little things that were left unfixed. So, I have read the threads about adjusting the TPS with feeler gauges. However, since I'm a 97, i just used a scanner to read TP %. At idle, it reads 9%. At...
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