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  1. OtterLA

    What parts are impossible to find?

    What parts can't you find? My buddy is rebuilding a couple FJs and has been complaining to me about how hard some parts are to find. I've been running manufacturing & product development operations for years and could reproduce top-quality older Toyota parts, like interior plastics, gaskets...
  2. sigorama

    Parting Out  1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    I am parting out the remains of a 1972 FJ40 with a V8 conversion. See photos here The body and hard top are gone, but here's what's left: Speedo/cluster Gauges Knobs Switches Front Heater Heater blower Battery tray Steering wheel with key Other various parts. See photos here Please PM me...
  3. GCC

    Power Steering Issues

    Hello All. I have a 1985 FJ60 with 153k miles on it. I've owned it for six years and it's been a great truck for me. I noticed a power steering fluid leak that started as a trickle but progressed to the point of my taking the truck to get looked at by my local mechanic. He says that my power...
  4. Trollhole

    Ultimate OEM 60 series parts still in stock

    Can't believe no one has done this yet. If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 60 series and you know the price and year it came from post it up. Better yet post a picture of the part and the packaging. I cannot tell you how many times I've paid more for a used...
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