1. cruzerDave

    Bags For Drawers & More

    Hey'all - I wanted to give you an early look (prototypes, not final products) and get your feedback on bags for organization: I've loved having my drawers and been trying out different ways to organize them, and keep coming back to soft-sided bags for their ability to take odd shapes, then...
  2. Bamagirl

    Attic storage/organization options?

    Do any of you have attic storage options in your vehicle over the cargo area? I have seen some use a wire system and others use a netting system. I'd love to be able to find something that I could use in the cargo window areas to store things and get them up off the floor or out of a box for...
  3. T

    Ultimate Front Seat Organizers

    Ketzal Bags ( is a small company I started on the road while overlanding from California to Patagonia (currently: Colombia). Our goal is to make the best looking and rugged back of the seat organizer out there. This is our story: My first 6 months on the road were spent...
  4. Bud

    Cruiser 100 Series - Family Overland

    We have a family of 5. Age range 40 yrs old to 5 months old. With our three kids things get crazy and cluttered in the cab and thus start to drive the driver crazy. Hence the need for Organization. I'm not the best builder but I do enjoy it. With these incentives I hit the shop, as time allows...
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