1. TtyTyler

    Anyone hear from wits-end lately?

    I'm a big fan of wits ends products and love what I get. But recently I have not been able to get ahold of them. Through phone number, website, or any forums. I have an order that is outstanding for about a month I just want to see if anyone is experiencing the same thing?

    Wits' End York On-Board-Air Schematic and Discussion

    I seem to be getting a lot of questions lately about the York OBA setup since I started taking pre-orders on the bracket and pulley kit: Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit! Rather than writing a novel with each PM or email that comes in or sit on the phone for a good hour trying...

    ChairLift™ for 80 Series

    ChairLift™ Finally have the pieces I needed to complete the kit. Mainly the hardware. This is a mockup of the final look because I don't have the pieces back from powder coating and laser etching yet but its fair to say its what the final is going to look like. These will be available on the...
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