1. 2020HE

    New HE owner in Jacksonville FL

    My name is Stan from Jacksonville Beach Florida, I just purchased a slightly used 2020 Heritage Edition and got a surprisingly good deal on it (under MSRP) considering what these are going for right now and it only has 1,600 miles. I plan to use for my daily driver, light off-road and camping...
  2. A

    Purchasing an FJ60, how much rust is too much?

    Hello everyone, I’m new here as I’m still in the market for a 60s series. I’m looking to hopefully be guided in the right direction. At the moment I’m looking at this one for 8 grand. There is extensive rust Obviously as in the pictures shown however I noticed you can buy entire parts of the...
  3. FJ4TW

    Builds  The Barn Find

    Hello and welcome to my first thread!! Over this weekend we picked up 1 1973 FJ40 (red) and 1 1970 FJ40 (green). My name is Brayden, from South Dakota. It is quite possible we are in over our heads with these projects, ha!! But I can tell you this, we are going to give it everything we’ve got...
  4. phillyd162

    For Sale  Philadelphia, PA SE PA: Kumho Crugen HT51 275/70R16 Tires - Set of 5

    Full set of (5). Open to offers. Purchased (4) new in July 2020, for my Lexus LX470. Put 1,500 miles on them. Perfect. March 2021, bought a matching 5th and had my Lexus dealer put a matching Crugen HT51 on a new spare wheel. Switched again to more A/T style treads. (4) of these are almost...
  5. J


  6. adventurefam

    For Sale  San Francisco Bay Area: 1 Cooper 285/50R20 New

    Pulled this tire from the spare on an LX 570 200 series that I recently bought. It's never been driven on - still has the tire hair. Cooper Discover H/T Plus 285/50R20 116T Manufacturer's Part Number: 90000002932 Condition: New M+S Load Range: XL Quantity: 1 No TPMS Tire Rack Price: $182.71...
  7. S

    4Runner Noobie!

    Hi! As you can tell, I'm new around here. I've been lurking around the past few days looking at 80 series, Tacomas, and 4Runners. I love the look of the 80s, but at the moment it's not a smart investment for me. I've decided that a 4Runner would suit my needs - which are minimal maintenance...
  8. S

    For Sale  Central Indiana 2019 Land Cruiser Take off wheels and tires!

    2019 Land Cruiser take off wheels and tires! Have less than 10 miles on them. Tires are 285/60/18 Dunlop Grandtrek AT23. All wheels are in like new condition! 5x150 bolt pattern. Can do sets of 4 or 5. Also can separate wheels from tires or vice versa. No tpms! Let me know what you need...
  9. OSUAviator

    New to the Crew

    Hi Everyone! I finally did it: I sold my Wrangler and bought a 2008 LX. After lurking here for awhile you all convinced me (and it didn't hurt to sell my wife on better reliability). Its mechanically sound with all of the service records. However, there was damage to the front bumper cover and...
  10. J

    For Sale  100 Series Nitro Upper Control Arms

    Hey guys I've got a set of brand new Nitro Upper Control arms still in the box. Asking $600 and open to offers. Thanks -James
  11. Trail Boss Tom

    SOLD  4 OEM GX Wheels Really Nice + Mint 5th (spare) w/ 4 caps In Sandy, UT

    Hey Everyone, I have 4 Very Nice OEM 17" GX wheels with nice Caps for all 4 + 1 Mint OEM spare wheel to go along with it! I'm asking $75 but negotiable! I prefer local pickup & willing to drive to meet as far as 50 miles! Otherwise I can ship but I'll need a quote first!
  12. CruiseLanderAZ

    Addicted Offroad 100 front bumper coming soon

    According to their site, Addicted Offroad is coming out with a 100 series front bumper soon. Has anyone heard anything about timeframe and price? Addicted Offroad is a full service Parts, Sales, and Fabrication company offering offroad parts for all makes and models, Addicted Offroad
  13. jkilcullen

    May have found a Good Deal for Someone!

    Not sure if anyone is in the market for a brand new 200 but saw this up for sale at the dealership I bought my 200 from. They don't really know land cruisers and must have accidentally gotten this but either way its a '17 brand new old stock in Black on Black for 71k. Been priced this way for at...
  14. Roswell Cruiser

    For Sale  100 Series - K&N Cold Air Intake System (NEW) + Jet Performance Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor (NEW)

    Hey yall- I have a K&N 57-9021 FIPK Air Intake System and a Jet Performance 69144 Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor which fit a 100 Series Land Cruiser. Both of these parts are new in the box and never used or installed. The K&N box has been opened, the Air Sensor box is still closed. I thought about...
  15. T

    For Sale  Catalytic Converters (2) Brand New

    I have two Walker cats (model 15040). I got them to put on on my my 94 Land Cruiser but my mechanic says they won't fit. So they are up for grabs at $60 a piece. I'm located in South Carolina.
  16. G

    Northern New Jersey or New York LC Mechanic

    All, I live in Paramus NJ. I am looking to find somebody local that is honest and very good at what they do. Car is stock but developed a leak I want solved. Thanks. Rich
  17. residualboulders

    New FJ55 owner with questions

    Sold my HJ45. So, with the unexpected full support of my wife, took a road trip last week and brought home a 1979 FJ55. She loves it, and my kids are already staking claims in case I kick the bucket. Overall the truck is in great shape, I'm just trying to figure out a few things: 1 - Looks like...
  18. New2UZJ100

    Found one! So excited, 2000 LX470 in great shape...

    1st MOD, Clean K&N filter 2nd MOD, RR Cabin filters (Damn they were nasty)
  19. New2UZJ100

    Finally, I am making the switch!

    Just sold my JKU (aka Wrangler) and will start seriously looking for a 100 series. I cannot wait to get one home and get to building. I have been lurking around the site for 9 months but finally signed up 10 minutes ago. We (my boys and I) cannot wait to meet some of you soon. We are in...
  20. N

    New (to me!) 2004 GX470 - 3rd Row Help

    Good evening all! It's been a BUSY Memorial Day! This morning I left with a Jeep and returned with a stunning little Non-nav '04 GX470 with only 46,500 miles on the clock (gold with tan interior and a horrific adhesive "wood" accent kit all over the stereo and center stack)! I couldn't be...
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