1. akarilo

    Lunchbox Locker

    I know there is a lot of web wheeling going on here but has anybody had any actual dealings with an auto locker (Aussie perhaps) on an all wheel drive setup like the 80 or 100? I had them in the 62 and loved them, but of course you could disconnect the front when driving on the street. Just...
  2. tacoma2002

    Wanted  9.5" lunchbox locker for FJ80

    Looking to buy some sort of lunchbox locker for my semi float FJ80 rear axle. Will need item shipped to 38610.
  3. Steve D

    For Sale  80 series Lock Right lunchbox rear locker

    I decided to go with front & rear e-lockers so I am selling the PowerTrax Lock Right locking diff from my 1994 80 series. According to this application guide ( the same spec is shown for all 9.5" 30 spline rear diffs from 1968-1998. I believe...
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