1. CruiserZen

    FJ60 Starter motor wiring question/pic

    My FJ60's PO, who apparently had a sort of wiring fetish, saw fit to replace the original starter motor wiring (from the loom) with a 6 foot piece of insulated lamp cord. While I'm doing my rebuild, I plan to rewire it to match the original. Does anyone have a photo or a drawing of what the...
  2. Jibreezy82

    80 series gear heads plz help! 93 LC80 engine cranks but doesn't fire up, when it firs its shuts off

    Hi Everyone. This issue exhausted me and my pocket, and nearly driving me to lose my mind. Your help will be much appreciated. I have a 93 LC80 1fz-fe engine Auto tran. Problem has 2 parts. Part one: NO CEL, cranking no firing Initial issue it cranks good but engine doesn't fire up. When...
  3. parkamatt

    1FZ-FE Wiring

    I have an 80 series with the 1FZ-FE engine with 320,000kms, and having just completed a full engine rebuild, I have discovered that the wiring and connectors have deteriorated significantly, with some falling apart trying to reinstall. I am just looking at what my best option is to fix this, do...
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