1. stock

    Adding heated mirrors to 96?

    CORRECTION it's a 91, but I can't seem to alter the header. Yup, searched. Can't find anything except a guy who did a diy element on his stock mirror. But he did that for cost ($15) and I'm not really concerned with that. I have a 91 with power NON heated mirrors, but see these on Ebay...
  2. LXstatic

    Heated Mirror Switch '06 LX

    Last night I noticed my heated mirror switch was not illuminated, doesn't it have a light behind it? If so, anyone have a part # or where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  3. yotasavg

    DS Door Mirror Replacement

    Hey 'Mud, I'm really going back and forth on what to do about replacing my door mirror. There are some good used options on ebay, and I'm assuming that they all have heated glass, as it seems the ones I'm looking at are from US spec donor 100's. This would be the easiest swap to me. Where I'm...
  4. fengler

    For Sale  100-series complete driver side white mirror assy.

    Has a few AZ pinstripes, but other wise in perfect condition. 175 USD
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