headlight bezel

  1. Charles4x4

    FJ60 Headlight Bezel & Grill Height/Length

    Hi, I'm thinking of retrofitting a FJ60 round headlight bezel and grill onto my first gen 4runner ('87). Can someone tell me the height/width of the a) headlight bezel and b) grill with TOYOTA embelem on a FJ60? I'm going to see if it's close enough to be possible - I know some "fabrication"...
  2. RojoFJ62

    aftermarket headlight bezel for j62 - cruiserparts.net or sor.com?

    Who's are better or are they the same? Anybody have any input? $54 from cruiserparts.net Aftermarket Headlight Door LH FJ62 88-90 [TY07107HBL-LH] - $54.99 : CruiserParts.net, Toyota Landcruiser Parts $50 from sor.com Page 114 Land Cruiser 60 & 62 Series Exterior Body Panels Seems to me...
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