grey interior

  1. bryanlewis83

    For Sale  1994 fzj80 Land Cruiser grey sun visors

    Left and Right Sun visors. Grey Interior $40 a piece. In great shape! Mirrors in excellent condition.
  2. Dim130

    For Sale  Full rear interior (incl seats) for 80-series - grey - great condition - 650USD

    For sale: rear and 3rd row of seats + seat belts + fixing gear + carpets for a grey Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. Overview: - rear row (2 parts): 250 USD - 3rd row (2 parts, fold on the side): 250 USD - seat belt rear row: 100 USD - seat belt 3rd row: 100 USD - entire rear floor carpet + foot...
  3. georgebj60

    Sand beige exterior, grey interior

    As the title says: sand beige exterior with a grey interior. Was this ever a factory combination? I'm considering it for my future truck, but have never seen it. Does anyone have any pictures of this combination?
  4. Gabriel 71

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Jade Mica Green Grey Interior 172000 miles

    1994 Fzj80 Jade mica green with 172,000 plus miles. Grey Leather interior. Minor oil leak but doesnt have to add between changes( according to owner) Not mine posting for a friend. I do not have pics to post at this time. driver seat has issue possible seat gear. The guys name is Sledge lives in...
  5. Tank5

    For Sale  80 Series Misc. Parts left from part out. (NM)

    I parted out a 1993 fj80 a year ago and have some pieces left over plus a few other parts that have just been collecting dust. If I did not list a price just ask or make me an offer. Buyer pays shipping. I will use USPS Flat Rate Boxes when possible. Items located in NM. If you want better...
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