gas tank straps

  1. jsw585

    Need gas tank felt for straps

    Recently removed the tank from my FJ-60 for washout and leak check. Ready to re-install and need new felt for tank straps, but it is discontinued. Any recs on where to find or what to use instead? Thanks in advance!
  2. vegansbane

    Help needed - MAF 38 gal replacement rubbing drive shaft

    Ok, just to get this out of the way - I know the MAF 38 gal (from Australian Long Range Automotive) hangs below the frame and sits close to the drive shaft. I'm ok with that because I want the added half tank of range (specifically, in the tank), and don't crawl a lot of rocks. So I've just...
  3. Picz34

    Late model gas tank straps

    I have a 1980 FJ40 and am in need of replacing the gas tank straps on my tank. From my search I believe they are no longer available. I am looking to make my own, and was hoping someone would be able to post some pictures and dimensions of the stock straps. Thank you for your help!
  4. EaglesNest

    For Sale FJ60 Parts - Gas Tank Straps, Exhaust, Etc. / Ft. Collins, CO.

    Gas Tank Support Straps - 45.00 Spare Tire Mechanism to hold spare underneath truck - 25.00 Gas Tank Level Sensor (Inserts in top of tank) - 10.00 Complete Exhaust Pipe/Muffler - 65.00 Thanks for your interest! Herb
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