fj40 hard top

  1. massey66fj

    SOLD  Newberg Oregon FJ40 hardtop

    Fj40 hardtop in good shape. Fiberglass is solid and all glass is in perfect shape. It has a little rust in the corners but mounts up well. I do not have the rear ambulance doors. $1000 obo
  2. Fj40 hard top $1000 obo

    Fj40 hard top $1000 obo

    73 and newer fj40 hardtop fore sale
  3. Ronthebiker

    SOLD  '69 FJ40 Hardtop Sell or Trade Tucson, AZ

    I am selling my hardtop which I removed a few months ago, the vehicle has lived most of, if not all of it's life in California and then Arizona so there is little rust except for where some of the joints were. Originally the entire truck was baby blue and it has been resprayed to tan at some...
  4. S

    For Sale  FJ40 Hard Top for Sale

    Needs dressing up and paint & needs fiberglass top bolt rail repair. $350.00 and buyer picks up or pays for shipping. Includes lift gate style top rear door, both sides, fiberglass top and related rails.
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