1. S

    For Sale  HID Xenon Headlights from RIHIDs, brand new never installed w facelift parts

    I bought a set of headlights customized with the projector xenon HIDs from RIHIDs.com. I have a 2005.5 model Land Cruiser, so I got the 06-07 grille and all hardware needed to complete the facelift with the one piece headlights. I got the facelift kit from cruiserparts.com. I paid close to...
  2. Bodda

    Which Looks Better: Pre-Facelift vs. Post-Facelift

    What do you guys think is a better look: the '90-'94 80 Series or the '95-'97? In my opinion, the facelift was not a good decision. The Toyota logo is too small and looks awkward on the front grille. The T O Y O T A bade on the pre-facelift models looks classic and bold. Vote in the poll!
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