emergency brake

  1. B

    E brake help

    I am currently changing out my emergency brake on my 71 (3spd) fj40. I have inclued pictures, when I'm trying to remove the retaining nut the whole brake drum moves. The truck is in 1st, e brake disingaged, retaining nut (castle nut) not even budging. Any help I would gladly appreciate.
  2. bikersmurf

    New E-Brake idea as seen on Tesla

    Saw this setup on a Tesla. A little research has shown their setup uses Brembo components. Photo and info courtesy of: A detailed and revealing photo tour of Tesla's Brembo brake calipers Now since I have a one piece case, I don't need this solution (Yet). I don't have the time to develop the...
  3. Paraglider

    emergency brake not releasing wheels

    I've read other threads about emergency brake adjustments but none of them address my issue specifically. First, a quick history leading up to the problem. I was removing and replacing the cover over the transmission on my HJ47 to cut new holes because I had a 5-speed H55f tranny put in and it...
  4. Wadesters

    emergency brake stuck 1981 FJ40

    Hello, I am doing a frame off restoration on a 1982 fj40. Now that the body is off I am addressing the emergency brake problem. It is completely stuck and is not the cable. This is the later style emergency brake. About to take the rear drums off but just wondering if since it is all one...
  5. J

    Emergency / Parking Brake Light Switch

    All: I have a much-loved 1975 FJ40. A couple of years ago, I replaced the parking/emergency brake light switch. It seems to be acting up, so I'd like to get a new one. However, the only things I can find are used ones on either sor.com or an e-bay site. Anyone know of any workarounds or...
  6. gheverly


    So, my e-brake light is turning on randomly. At first I thought it was just the electrical circuit issue causing the light to indicate that the e-brake was still engaged although it was not. But some research how now shown me that the e-brake light indicates the e-brake being engaged, brake...
  7. mechanist

    Parking brake will not disengage

    2009 GX470; 97,*** mi. Seems something is wrong with the parking brake. Any thoughts or insight are greatly appreciated. Background: Just bought it. Got it home. Called Lexus to schedule baseline of fluids, belts, hoses, and timing belt service. We know the brakes grab HARD with very little...
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