1. FullultraLX470

    Recommended Spark Plugs for Lexus LX 470 2005

    Hi Guys , I recently bought a LX470 GCC specs (185,000km) ODO ,was wondering if any one could advise the best spark plugs as i am doing a major service.So far what i have researched seems like the OEM Denso are recommended. Thanks :)
  2. A

    UAE gets 2019 LC200 GX-R 4.6L XTREME EDITION

    Forbidden exotic fruit not available in most markets. 2019 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER200 GX-R 4.6L XTREME EDITION Looks damn good to my eyes!! Several Dubai dealers carry this Xtreme version LC200 with smaller gasoline 4.6L V8. I wonder if it is factory or dealer installed add ons...? and also...
  3. Ali M

    Dubai Cruisers

    Spotted couple of these beauties while vacationing.
  4. Thebedouin60

    The Desert Ditch 62

    Here i am again, I'll get right to it. Previous owner of an '86 FJ60, i was cruising through an industrial area in the Northern Emirates when i saw a very distinct roofline out the corner of my eye. Needless to say i stopped to take a look. It was parked in a ditch outside some sort of workshop...
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