cv joint

  1. AllLC

    looking for Best cv joint source or upgrade options

    1999 land cruiser. 2.5" OME lift and slee diff drop. I beat on her quite a bit- i think she likes it :devil: Just spent a lot of time reading some great old write ups. Is there any new sources for well built, maybe even improved Cv joints? Experience appreciated over speculation;) Thanks in...
  2. Climbingnut

    CV boot install

    Was out in the bush this week and had a great time. Saw a number of new places, but in the process, something popped up, and managed to pop a hole in my driver side, inside CV boot... Without a Toyota dealer around, nor any good shops, I'll do the work myself, but I do have some questions...
  3. Honor

    Diff Drop Kit for OME Light/Stock Springs/Shocks?

    2.5 years ago I installed a OME stock/light suspension kit on the front and a medium kit on the rear. Thinking that the stock/light kit up front wasn't increasing the angle on the CV joints I omitted doing the diff drop as well. 5 months after my build I replaced both front CV axles. 23k miles...
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