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  1. A

    For Sale  100 Series 3" Lift Kit From Cruiser Outfitter

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to sell my lift kit which I bought from cruiser outfitter 2 weeks ago. I'm selling because I change my mind and want to lift my old jeep instead. Never open the package and I will give you as cruiser outfitter shipped to me. I located in central Pennsylvania and can meet 3...
  2. mep1811

    Two add a leaf's to OME?

    Is it possible to add a second add-a-leaf to an OME spring pack with an add-a-leaf? I need a little more lift. One of my airbag failed and so I am a little ass low. I'll be in Salt Lake city on Monday so I can get the part from Cruiser Outfitters. Thanks
  3. txoutdoorx4

    200 Series LC Build in OutdoorX4 Magazine

    Starting with our last issue (Issue 25) and continuing in our current issue (Issue 26), we started a multi-part series on a 200 Series build in conjunction with the fine folks at Cruiser Outfitters. If you're not already subscribed to OutdoorX4, subscribe today starting at $20 for digital and...
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