1. saltycoconuts

    Cheap Front Bumpers?

    As a med student, well Im broke every other day. So on my hunt for a reasonably priced bumper I stumbled into the chinese off road market. Turns out we can get these bumpers at around 300 dollars plus some change. Anyway minimum order is two and shipping is about 900 for who knows how much...
  2. E

    Imported Chinese Rooftop Tents?

    Hi, I'm in the process of doing research, trying to plan out my next purchase (rooftop tent) ... I'm amazed how expensive a lot of them are. I'm on a very tight budget so most of them are out of my price range. I stumbled across some Chinese rooftop tents for a significant savings, and I...
  3. chap79

    Where to drill hole for Chinese snorkel?

    Hopefully this helps those that are trying to figure out where to drill the large hole. I measured from the upper fender corner to the indent in the fender 31.125" (31 1/8"). I then took a bunch of measurements as you can see in the picture below based on the snorkel itself. But the...
  4. F

    Help Identifying Aftermarket 2F Carb

    Hey everybody. Just joined the world of 60s a couple months ago, and now I'm finally digging into the engine bay to get familiarized and to tidy up some of the PO's work. It's been desmogged (at the top of the list of things to double check) and has some aftermarket carburetor that I need some...
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