1. jerryb

    For Sale 2006 NAV ECU, DVD changer and JBL amp

    all from my 2006 LC, They have been on the shelf for a month or two. They all worked fine. Back up cam computer will also be on here when I can take the pass seat out again. DVD changer # 86270-60115 $400 JBL audio amp # 86280-0w061 $250 NAV ECU # 86841-50090 $250 Shipping included at those...
  2. ih8mudkinkaid

    SOLD Lx450 Radio, Amp and Changer

    Removed from 1996 LX450. I believe some of the lights were out on the radio when before I removed it. Otherwise all was working before removed. $50 plus the ride. Or pickup Bay Area, Ca.
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