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  1. B

    Anyone near Columbus OH for body work/tub replacement for my ‘78 FJ40?

    So, Jim Chenoweth got my mechanicals taken care of but my FJ needs some body work—Jim suggested I even consider a full or partial aluminum tub. Anyone in the central Ohio area I should talk to/avoid? After the rip off “restoration “ I purchased several years ago that Jim posted about as he was...
  2. C

    Wanted  1979-83 body tub or half tub, roof panel, doors

    Looking for a body tub or rear half tub for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a good condition frame, passenger door, ambulance doors and a roof panel and willing to drive a few hundred miles or so for pickup if needed.
  3. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  New 79-83 3/4 Aqualu Aluminum BODY TuB W Hardware in NJ

    No longer for sale
  4. I

    For Sale  Stainless Stel FJ40 Tub

    I am offering up 3 handmade stainless steel tubs for $10,500/tub. The tubs include the front cowl to the rear quarter panels. While ordering a tub for my 73 FJ40 barn find, I decided to order three extra to sell to others, who may be in need. The tubs will be available in late Spring to early...
  5. F

    Wanted  FJ40 rear tub or body

    Im in the process of rebuilding 3 fj40's a 74, 75 & 76. I'm in need of a complete rear tub or may me interested in a whole tub. I'm in Florida willing to travel but not to far. Thanks!
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