1. HJ47

    SOLD  (Found) Needle in a Stack of Needles: BJ44/BJ46 Rear Seat (Forward Facing) Back Stopper Rod Assembly

    I feel a bit ridiculous even asking... I'm looking for the support rod assembly that holds up the (ultra-rare) BJ44/46 middle forward facing seat in the 'tumble' position (you fold it towards the front seats and this rod assembly holds the tilted position). Thanks. Part Numbers variations...
  2. Paraglider

    24v parts availability and conversion to 12v

    I'm considering buying a BJ40 series cruiser but was wondering what the availability of parts are for a 24v version. I'm in the U.S. if that makes a difference. Also, was wondering if it's completely stupid to consider converting a 24v to a 12v and how complicated and expensive that would be.
  3. Britain brown

    For Sale  Looking to buy for the first time BJ46

    Gentlemen, this is my first post. after viewing this website for almost two months I finally decided I wanted to buy a 40 series land cruiser. I am currently stationed in japan and will be returning to the states in Dec. here is a link to a truck I'm looking at. I would really appreciate any...
  4. N

    For Sale  BJ46 - 1983 in France

    Landcruiser BJ 46 LHD - 385000 km - 2 hands Last model with original power steering original mechanical winch original Rollbar Gearbox 5 Gears , Front brakes with discs, 3B engine Fiberglass hard top Very rare Collector car , Good basis for restauration Need complete frame off restauration Car...
  5. Sporty Forty

    BJ46 coming to Australia

    Just purchased a 1983 BJ46. Pretty stoked as we don't get the 40 series MWB here in Australia. Just have to get it here from NZ and that is just a bit of paperwork with the appropriate government departments and some freight and a small amount of duty. Has been painted a different colour on the...
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