big end bearings

  1. G

    Tick noise after BEB change

    So I changed my big end bearings last weekend and need some advice. I Replaced the original OEM bearings (marked with "4", BEB Pictures Here) with standard size taiho. The old bearings looked ok and all of the rod journals looked good. I plastigauged only cylinder #4 and it was right in...
  2. pistonslaps

    12h-t big end bearings

    can anyone tell me what the numbers on these big end bearings mean ..also I think theres life left in these bearings ?' I was told this engine is from a jap import 24volt hj62... its done 296-000 klicks..I can see cross hatch visible in the bore ..wasn't gunna rebuild ..just new seals and...
  3. meatman

    new member

    Hello all, My name is Max I just joined in because i finally got my LC. I bought a 1993 HDJ81 a couple weeks ago. factory winch, rear and front ( and center) diff lock. no mods for now. I'll get some picture soon. it has 350 000Km. Im the second owner since its been imported in canada. The...
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