arb bullbar bumper

  1. samP504

    Hardware Kit for ARB Deluxe Bumper Install on an LX470

    Ok does anyone have an ARB Deluxe bumper still in a box waiting to be installed? I really would appreciate a photo of the hardware provided by ARB. in particular some long round spacers as well as some spacers/shims. I know it's a long shot. I bought a used one and I was able to purchase all...
  2. Y

    Wanted  Looking for ARB bumper for FJ60

    I want to start with an ARB bumper and cut off the bull bar, reweld, and repaint. so a used one would be great. anyone out there have one they want to unload?
  3. Stik11987

    Anyone running warn vr10 on arb deluxe bumper?

    Hi is anyone running the warn vr10 on an arb bumper? I bought a vr10s and was going to purchase the ARB3411050 bumper but am worried about compatibility. And yes I know I goofed on buying the winch first. A sale got the better of me!
  4. jwcross611

    Wanted  WTB: 100 Series Front Bumber

    I’m interested in getting a bumper for my ‘99 LC. I like ARB’s but I also like BIO or something tubular. Let me know what you got.
  5. Reckless


    BRAND NEW ARB 3415120 Deluxe Bull Bar For 2008-11 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Painted Black, never mounted $1300

    Wanted  Arb Bumper for FJ60

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an ARB Bumper FJ60 I will love to get the old model, but open to other options Thanks
  7. Octave Zangs

    For Sale  Rare 60 series ARB Bullbar Front Bumper

    I'm selling my ARB Bullbar front bumper early generation for Landcruiser FJ60 and FJ62. Really good shape, signal lights working too. Pick up in Portland, OR. Asking $400.
  8. jet200

    ARB Bull Bumper + Winch on OME Stock Height Springs?

    I'm running OME stock height springs with Tokico shocks and about to pull the trigger on an ARB Deluxe and a 12k winch. Is anyone running this setup or something similar? I want to be sure the suspension can handle the extra weight up front. And if you are running this sort of setup, can you...
  9. BulletHead

    For Sale  ARB 60/62 older style bull bar bumper (turn signals included) Boston

    Older preferred style ARB bullbar for FJ60. $600. Pickup in Boston.
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