1. RodrigzCrzr

    SOLD  FJ40 right side apron.

    I have a FJ40 right side Apron panel. It is staight and no rust condition. $75.00 plus shipping
  2. apron


    finally get to put the apron bling on...
  3. Dedtruk

    For Sale  Pre-1975 FJ40 fender aprons in southern NJ, USA

    Dunno what year these are from but they have the cutouts for the marker lights so I'm figuring about 1969 to 1974, and probably toward the earlier end of that range. They're very solid, couple coats of paint over the OEM stuff, dusty, minor scratches, muddy water film, character. $60 $50 for...
  4. Indygbd

    For Sale  FJ40 fender aprons

    This is a set of fj40 fender aprons. Good condition. $80.00 for the pair plus shipping.
  5. peterkcc

    For Sale  FJ40 Misc Parts

    Also selling some other miscellaneous parts. If you are interested let me know and I will send pictures. All parts are off of a parts car I am using for a rebuild. Don't know a ton about the FJ40 they came off of. FJ40 Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly (PO said it worked but wires have been cut...
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