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  1. I

    LX470 ABS Module Replacement Cost (Worth It?)

    Hi all, I’m a new owner of a 2002 LX470 with 48k miles. I’ve spent $10k buying the car, $2.5k on new tires already. So, a total of $12.5k. I was driving one day and I had a multitude of different lights turn onABS, VSC, TRAC and BRAKE lights. I took it to the dealership and they told me my...
  2. YoungStingy

    Master brake cylinder going bad? And vibration in Overdrive..

    Hello fellow 100 series owners, Had my lc100 ‘01 for a little over a year now. Put 20k on it since purchase. Put a lot of monet in it fixing it up. I’m nearing a cross roads in what to do. Ever since I’ve owned it, I notice the MBC shakes briefly occasionally. I assume it’s the factory...
  3. Rubiclone

    ABS ECU Diagnostics

    Some background, I have a converted 1993 FZJ80 with a 1991 1HDT, I did the mechanical conversion and a shop (Radd Cruisers) did the electrical work on the truck about 6 years ago now. Long story short I need to have a functioning ABS light, the 1991 dash that I am using does not have a...
  4. Stealthmimic

    For Sale  Master Cylinder for Year 2000, 100 Series LC

    Came out of a vehicle w ABS, VSC and TRAC. Diagnosed with a bad ABS booster pump motor. Everything else worked as of r/r w new unit. The ABS booster pump motor requiring rebuild comes w this unit. As far as I know all other components (MC, ECU, Accumulator) are in serviceable condition. Other...
  5. ClassicCityFJ

    Wanted  ABS module

    I am looking for an ABS module for a 2001 LX470. Part number 89540-60160
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