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  1. I

    LX470 ABS Module Replacement Cost (Worth It?)

    Hi all, I’m a new owner of a 2002 LX470 with 48k miles. I’ve spent $10k buying the car, $2.5k on new tires already. So, a total of $12.5k. I was driving one day and I had a multitude of different lights turn onABS, VSC, TRAC and BRAKE lights. I took it to the dealership and they told me my...
  2. Y

    Master brake cylinder going bad? And vibration in Overdrive..

    Hello fellow 100 series owners, Had my lc100 ‘01 for a little over a year now. Put 20k on it since purchase. Put a lot of monet in it fixing it up. I’m nearing a cross roads in what to do. Ever since I’ve owned it, I notice the MBC shakes briefly occasionally. I assume it’s the factory...
  3. Rubiclone

    ABS ECU Diagnostics

    Some background, I have a converted 1993 FZJ80 with a 1991 1HDT, I did the mechanical conversion and a shop (Radd Cruisers) did the electrical work on the truck about 6 years ago now. Long story short I need to have a functioning ABS light, the 1991 dash that I am using does not have a...
  4. Stealthmimic

    For Sale  Master Cylinder for Year 2000, 100 Series LC

    Came out of a vehicle w ABS, VSC and TRAC. Diagnosed with a bad ABS booster pump motor. Everything else worked as of r/r w new unit. The ABS booster pump motor requiring rebuild comes w this unit. As far as I know all other components (MC, ECU, Accumulator) are in serviceable condition. Other...
  5. ClassicCityFJ

    Wanted  ABS module

    I am looking for an ABS module for a 2001 LX470. Part number 89540-60160
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