1. upperblack

    Wanted  64 fj40 rear view mirror

    Please let me know if you have one. Looks like this one. Later years won't work. Thanks
  2. ruger280

    64 FJ45L Craigslist near me... eastern Pa.

    Up for restoration a 1964 Land Cruiser pickup FJ45L long bed , rare to find one . Call or text for more info and price : 6104625717 .
  3. S

    64 fj45 3-speed shift linkage

    Hello from a new member here. Trying to put together a basket case fj and need some help with how the shift linkages connect. If anyone has some pictures it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Quade

    Techstream 64 bit?

    Hey all My aliexpress link to Techstream which which works with Windows 10 64 bit and amazon Landcruiser 2006 with ahc has expired Does anyone have a link to one which works as above? Thanks
  5. T

    Tojo 64 resto mod build

    I guess it's time to start a build. I've been absorbing information from this forum for two years now and am extremely greatful for the wealth of knowledge here! I knew nothing of Fj40's prior to getting mine. I've been a huge fan of Toyota for many years now. I've owned a 2011 Tacoma, 2012...
  6. C

    AHC troubles

    On my 2005 HDJ100 with ahc the ride is very stiff and the off indicator in the dash is blinking. TEMS knob has no effect and the height cant be changed. The codes I get from Techstream are: c1732 c1763 c1764 The pressure readings are all 0. Height sensors seems to work. My techstream laptop...
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