1. S

    Hilux 550hp 2JZ 1978 Hilux Build

    Time for another build :D Introducing my new 1978 Toyota Hilux I just picked up! It is a quality unit with no engine, or bed... For real though, it was $300, has very little rust (mainly some surface rust on the frame) and came with a title. Dude had to hack off the middle of the bed for...
  2. Landbender

    Turbo LT IFS 80

    Apparently my truck is no longer an 80 series so I was told to go elsewhere Here is the breakdown 80 series body and vin number Basic 2jz ge NAT on standalone (ecumaster) enough to spin 37s and kill the clutch on a weekend 350tq + NOS R150f trans Dual r1fa t cases with marlin crawler chromoly...
  3. tacupra

    Builds 2JZ into 2001 4X4 Tacoma Build

    In brief this is a 2JZ-GTE into a 4x4 Tacoma. WARNING: Image and GIF heavy. This is mostly a copy of my thread in Supraforums, but will try to dig for more content when I find time. Some things will be old, but as a TLDR I have already completed the 2JZ swap with 4x4, AC, and cruise control. My...
  4. Landbender

    Builds SupraCruza

    Goal started out as building a supra kart mk3 but it was a turd on wheels, but it had a motor and trans that were in decent condition. After selling the Supra and it’s trans it was decided that the 2j should go in a land cruiser 80 after much thought about putting it in a 4runner first gen. The...
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