2007 land cruiser

  1. Greata

    Wanted 100 Series rear wind deflector

    Looking for a clean rear wind deflector for our 2007. I need the brackets and the deflector. Thank you. Brooks Emerson
  2. G

    2007 LC - Cold Air Intake

    I'm the new owner of a 2007 Land Cruiser and am looking to install a cold air intake if possible. Everywhere I've looked - K&N and TRD - they've not offered a new intake system for the 2007 LC. Is there any way to install one / is there any need to?
  3. Erez4x4

    2007 Land cruiser, fuel filter???

    Hi guys, I have a problem, when we drive off road to high elevation (10- 11,000 ft) the car is loosing power and then turn off and wont start again until I open the engine hood and disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel filter and then there is a lot of air pressure released... I re-connect the...
  4. J

    Wanted 2006 - 2007 Land Cruiser or LX470 (San Luis Obispo, Ca)

    I would love to trade My Ford Excursion 7.3 Diesel + WVO cleaning Gear + Cash for a 2006 - 2007 Land Cruiser or LX470. If you don't want to trade - I am still interested in your 2006 -2007 LC or LX in California. Details - 260000 miles. Two Tank Veggie System put in my Veggie Kings out of...
  5. C

    Saftey Shift Lock - Clicking in Drive?

    Hello to All! I've been perusing this forum for some time now, and recently (last week) purchased a 2007 LC in pristine condition out of Florida. It's a 1-owner, no accidents, incredible service history, etc. The truck has done great so far, however, I do have one minor issue. In both park...
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