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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    Looking for a good cab or parts car 1st gen pickup if anyone in MS has one
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    For Sale Biloxi, MS: 95-97 exhaust manifold, Gray LX450 Front Bumper

    Exhaust manifold was sold. The bumper is still for sale, and the rear will be for sale soon once I finish my rear bumper
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    For Sale  Biloxi, MS: 95-97 exhaust manifold, Gray LX450 Front Bumper

    Anybody interested in these items? Bought a steel bumper and don't need it anymore. There is a coupe paint chips but it is in great condition. Also have an exhaust manifold for a 95-97. No studs.
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    Parting Out SoCal 1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser

    Exhaust manifold available?
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    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    do you have the exhaust manifold?
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    86 rear brake wheel cylinder

    Which ones from rock auto off a 92? It seems like there are multiples and I apparently have already bought the wrong ones haha.,1992,pickup,2.4l+l4,1277939,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+shoe,1688 There are some that are 10in x 1-31/32 IN. Would those fit?
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    86 rear brake wheel cylinder

    out of what year?
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    86 rear brake wheel cylinder

    Any update? I'm currently stuck at the same position on my '86. Brake drums won't go back on with the fj60 wheel cylinders. Like it was said before, the cylinder won't compress enough. Am I stuck with the stock wheel cylinders?
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    1986 Toyota Pickup

    Carb has been fully cleaned and put back on. Running like a champ again now. Spark plugs were replaced as well and it starts up usually on the first crank. Only thing left is the rear drum brakes and its off for an inspection!
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    Wanted  St. Louis, MO - 86 IFS Steering Box

    Looking for an IFS steering box for my 1986 pickup. Shipping to 63119
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    Power Steering Rack/Box Leak Suggestions (91 Surf LN130)

    You looking to sell any of those steering boxes? I'm looking for a new one instead of trying to rebuild my own
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    1986 Toyota Pickup

    Also got the shotty idler arm replaced as well. The carb is currently sitting in pine sol, and that will be cleaned up and put back together once the kit comes in from Advanced Auto Parts. Next up are the rear drum brakes.
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    1986 Toyota Pickup

    Small little update. Finally got some 4runner rims and wheels on the truck. The last owner really did anything to make the last wheels fit.. Had to get rid of these ASAP
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    SOLD Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    Do you have the carpet mat that covers the dash? I think it was stock on some years
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