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    Media Blasting?

    I have a cheap little venturi suction straw style blaster, no cabinet tho. I got it to clean up my trailer but it was underwhelming.... If you wanna give it a shot you're welcome to it!
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    Cascade Cruisers March 2020 Club Run

    We're planning more runs this year for sure, and will be posting them here on mud as well. Hope to see you guys soon!
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    Cascade Cruisers March Trail Run

    Mar 7, 2020 at 9:30 AM → 4:00 PM
    Hey everybody it's time for a Cascade Cruisers club run! We will be running several trails in the Tillamook State Forest on March 7th. We'll meet at Little Browns / Gravel Pit (45°36'47"N, 123°21'37"W) at 9:30 AM and depart at 10 AM. Bring your friends and family and come join us for an awesome...
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    Cascade Cruisers March 2020 Club Run

    Thanks Mike! It'll be nice to get a lot of us out on the trails more formally! Looking forward to it!
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    Chapter updates

    Hey Rob! We submitted our CIGS form and confirmed it has the most up-to-date information. Thank you!
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    Cascade Cruisers - Club Chat

    Thanks for coming out to join us! It's always great seeing the room full with some new faces! Sorry I didn't have much chance to mingle and meet you properly. Hope to see you again soon!
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    Living in Tillamook

    Hello and welcome! Our forum is pretty inactive sadly, but you can find us a bit more lively on our facebook page Our club hosts a Meet'n'Greet at 7PM the third Thursday of every month (other than December) at Busters BBQ in Tigard OR. Get some good Barbecue...
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    Cascade Cruisers - Club Chat

    Wow very nice! That has a lot of potential for very little investment!
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    Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

    *DROOOL* That avant makes me miss my black on black B5 A4... not in the market for another daily but i tip my hat to your style. GLWS
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    Cascade Cruisers - Club Chat

    It was great meeting you and getting to see your cool Veggie-Cruiser! Definitely got hungry again as you drove off! We look forward to having you join us for CTW2019! The friday run is always a laid back good time on the trail. Hi Ryno! The next Meet n Greet is next Thursday, the 18th of July...
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    Rebuild or Crate

    Wits End is developing a nice turbo kit for the 1FZ while you're at it ;-)
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    Tube bender?

    I don't think either has dies smaller than 1.5"
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    40 Parts Needed

    Dollar store aluminum bottles are 3/4 pipe thread which makes them easy to plumb in ;)
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    Recommended exhaust shop in Hillsboro area

    I can second Exhaust Specialties in Beaverton! They're just off canyon right by 217. I have had work done there and @scootmcgrute had one of his trucks exhausts built by them and had great results. I would avoid their shop in Tualatin, but with your location I think that's already happening :)
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    40 Parts Needed

    JUUST missed em! From what I remember they were donated by Specter Offroad.
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