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    For Sale  Red Eye Farbrication FJ80 Front Bumper

    located in Sacramento, CA Looking to sell my front bumper. Made by Red Eye Fab (no longer in production) I like this bumper a lot, just kinda want to switch it up a bit is all. Looking to get $1000. It was about $1500 brand new
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    Trade  Red Eye Fab bumper for Trail Gear Stinger

    Wanted to see if there was anyone on the west coast that would be interested in trading front bumpers. I have a red eye Fab bumper that was about $1500 new, that I’d like to trade specifically for the TG Stinger front, or similar ones located in Sacramento, California
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    Now Painted!: Paint Prep - Need advice as I go

    Seems the parts that are rough are just areas that would see water run off, maybe just a build up of water and grime? Also, my vote on color is black. Whenever my customers ask me what I recommend to use for straight black, I always recommend Mazda code NN. At least in my Valspar line, it’s just...
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    Custom SS exhaust for the 80 series

    I’ll just go out on a limb and say this guy complains about anything he can..... mostly about the things he installs himself 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    TJM ProLocker and ARB compressor compatibility

    This is just a FYI for guys looking into the compatibility between the two. The TJM solenoids thread right into the manifold on the ARB compressor The connectors for the solenoids clip right into the clips on the ARB harness The male connectors on the ARB harness are the correct size for the...
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Nope it’s all sorted now, I tightened the bolt on the front of the pulley too much. Good to go side note: TJM locker solenoids fit right into the manifold on an ARB compressor, wiring very very easy, now I just have to extend the positive and negative leads to the battery and I’ll be golden for...
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    It most definitely is, I just ate through a belt because my AC tensioner pulley wasn’t tight enough..... gotta figure out how much thread on that long bolt needs to be showing. Seems no matter how much I tighten it the pulley won’t spin, but maybe I’m just being too shy on tension
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Just now seeing this; I have the window relay bypass done, plug fell out. Made one with larger spade terminals and hooked it back up, works better than before now. All issues solved, on to fix some coolant leaks and wire up this ARB compressor for my locker/gear install on Tuesday
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Seems to be running good now, only issue is..... none of my windows including my sunroof will open, so I’m assuming master switch I’ll do some research @jonheld @BILT4ME
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Yea E1 and TE1, I made a jumper out of some 12awg and some fork connectors, it wouldn’t jump though. I’ve read the coating on some connectors won’t allow it to jump, I’m going to try raw copper wire. Thankfully my girlfriend got me a hard copy of the FSM for Christmas as well. This timing mark...
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Well I guess next step is rip out this alarm and dial in the timing. Some how some way the timing is astronomically high, I have no clue how
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    Well it’s running and idling at 650. I’ll attach a pic of the timing mark
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    1995 No Start Isuue

    So, I have an aftermarket alarm/remote start. I had the idea to start it with my fob, it did everything it normally does when it remote starts except start. So I put the key in and started it like normal and it fired right up.
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