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    For Sale Salem, OR: 1989 FJ62

    PM Sent.
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    I see the same car is now down to $10,500 asking on CL, so it seems like there's likely some work to do.
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    For Sale Ann Arbor: 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Originally from Texas - No Rust

    Awesome rig. That front brush guard is sweet.
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    New user sign-up "Personal Details" link is broken

    Glad it helped!
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    For Sale SOLD! Massachusetts- 1988 FJ62 Daily Driver price lowered

    Hey Mac, After months of reading the forums in preparation for my first FJ60/62, I came across your post. Looks like a great rig. Thanks for sharing a bunch of the underside photos, too. I'm looking for a daily driver that's in good shape, but not something so perfect that I'm scared to bring...
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    New user sign-up "Personal Details" link is broken

    Hi MUD, New user here, who just went through the sign-up flow. After signing up, there is a banner at the top of each page with instructions for new forum members. Mine looks like this: Clicking the "Personal Details" link shows the following error: I can successfully add / change my...
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