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    for sale / want to buy (local)

    Looking for a project. Been without a cruiser for a couple years. Looking for a 100 or 80 series (93-97) in north alabama area. I live outside of Huntsville. No rust is the only requirement. But would prefer a LC or LX in good mechanical and cosmetic condition but also willing to...
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    For Sale Nashville: 2004 LC 167k, $16k

    I looked at the truck this morning and did not even drive. The undercarriage had rust and rust under rear window seal at the bottom.
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    Disabling the AHC and AVS systems, no warning lights.

    Will this modification work on all LX570? I am debating on buying my wife a low mileage one so I can have when she gets done with it. I was holding off because I thought you could not modify until now.
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    Wanted  Wanted 100 Series in North Alabama/Central TN

    Looking for clean 100 series in north Alabama or central Tennessee. PM me if you have one for sale. Only interested in trucks without rust issues and no history of major accident damage.
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    Wanted  Huntsville, AL 2008-2014 land cruiser

    Looking for a low mileage land cruiser with service /maintenance history and no rust to be used as a daily driver.
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    Parting Out 1997 LX450 - Land Cruiser

    I am interested In The leather cover on transmission Shifter
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    Wanted  1fzfe

    looking for an engine for 97 lx450. Would prefer low mileage but not opposed to a high mileage with good compression for the right price. Thinking of building a replacement for mine and maybe adding a turbo. Don't want to pull mine until I have a replacement ready. Thanks
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    Transmission shift leather cover if available and in good shape.
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    Timing chain cover oil leak - what else do I do when I fix this leak?

    I will have to address the head gasket when doing this seal is what I meant. Most other stuff typical items on the front of engine have been done. Was not sure about what to do inside that cover and how far it would have to be opened to get this done.
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    Timing chain cover oil leak - what else do I do when I fix this leak?

    I run 5w40 oil. If I go thicker could that slow the leak temporarily? If so what should I change to. Thanks if anyone can help.
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    Timing chain cover oil leak - what else do I do when I fix this leak?

    I know this will resolve my concern of doing the head gasket but what else should I address while I have this area open. And yes i have done the distributor o ring and oil pump cover gasket. I hate leaks. But this one will have to just leak until I save up some money. Not sure I can get this...
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    Parting Out 97 land cruiser socal

    How is the leather on the transmission shifter?
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    Wanted  FZJ80 95-97 Jackson MS

    Looking for a stock 80 with less than 200k miles in Jackson MS. Lockers are not necessary just well maintained and everything working. I am shopping for my dad who loves my LX. It will be a daily driver so maintenance and reliability are necessary.
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    Huntsville Area FZJ80 mechanic

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    Huntsville Area FZJ80 mechanic

    No one has a mechanic recommendation? I recently moved and cannot locate all my tools right now. Otherwise I would do the work. Right now I just want it fixed.
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