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    1HD-FTE IN A BJ73

    1HD-FTE last of the good toyota six. That BJ would drive really well and literally pull a house down! Very neat looking conversion too. They fetch between $8500 to $12000 AUD around here. Probably worth it in a good BJ but I could not justify in our 40 series so 12HT at only 30HP less...
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    Just inherited '82 FJ40

    This is fantastic in so many ways. Nothing like a good original family vehicle, especially a 40 series! As others have alluded to, just make sure major condensation hasn't got into the fuel tank or engine. Definitely drain the fuel and I be very surprised if carby not need new gaskets...
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    Engine Cutting Out

    Check the distributor rotor button not burning out. They will run like this for years and just gradually get worse.
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    Coolant in crankcase HJ45

    Might not be much wrong with that H motor! Before pulling it down, remove the rocker cover and check coolant is not leaking out on top of the head as have five little expansion/freeze plugs in there. These can be replaced without removing the head or manifolds.
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    Coolant in crankcase HJ45

    H motor has dry liners and run pre chambers. I still have two running here in a 45's (one with turbo fitted.) They're notorious for cracking per chambers and heads. The block is usually quite durable. I'm finding them a bit harder to get parts for than compared to 2H. 2H has same...
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    Builds Project Hate It or Love It - 196(4) FJ45 Short Bed Fixed Top Pickup

    You have done really well to keep the original charm on this build. I have seen so many nice old cruisers ruined here in Aus and I was concerned this was heading the same way at first. Put me down as one who likes it! Plenty of practical planning there to make it user friendly too. :cool:
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    One owner HJ45 12HT conversion / power steering and factory ac.

    More on the 45 series.. Cooked 2H boat anchor extracted and a few parts such as engine mounts, thermostat housing, new water pump and power steering pump swapped onto 12 HT. A new input spigot bearing was fitted and in hind sight I should have also replaced rear main oil seal as now weeping...
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Recovery on both Tray back and Troopy. Very off topic, we also had our fencing tractor slide off a track. Camera flattens out how bad it was in real life! As you all were.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Pulled a spare instrument cluster apart looking for best back light upgrade which will suit.
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    1981 Fj40 power steering conversion

    I just measured a 93 model HZJ75 troopy draglink (relay rod) and it looks really close. I plan to redo mine this way as not like anything non standard around steering. I'll probably buy all new components as available at reasonable cost.
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    One owner HJ45 12HT conversion / power steering and factory ac.

    Just found this photo of the terrible day our HJ47 got away from my old man. He was not hurt. Our property is quite steep in places (Over 3000ft above sea level) so there is always risk of vehicles running away should hand brake fail or jump out of gear. The 47 shot over the edge of a...
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    1981 Fj40 power steering conversion

    Just found this photo of when I converted ours (About ten years ago) You can see how much beefier the 60 pitman arm is. The problem here is the tie rod thread from the 40 series is not long enough.
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    1981 Fj40 power steering conversion

    You would be lucky to find a drop in. Fact 60 series are a wider vehicle spoils it. I seem to recall one of the 40 series tie rod ends was slightly longer and would fit but has incorrect hand thread.
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    1981 Fj40 power steering conversion

    I used the 60 end on mine. Cut the drag link, grafted into a heavy wall pipe with plug welds. Probably not really recommended from engineering point of view. They get a bit touchy about steering components. It's a pain as 40 series are shorter in length.
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    Would you send this radiator back?

    Wonderful news. I's so happy to hear they've done the right thing by you. Puts faith back.
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