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    Wanted WTB '06 or '07 LX 470 Galactic Gray, Cypress Pearl or Black

    Thanks, I am actually looking for a stock vehicle but appreciate your message-
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    Wanted WTB '06 or '07 LX 470 Galactic Gray, Cypress Pearl or Black

    Looking for above well maintained non smoker. Thanks!
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    craigslist Pittsburgh 2007 LX470 54K miles $23,900 (dealer)

    Was talking to salesman first thing Friday but got the sense it wasnt as described, despite low miles-Michigan life etc. But a great looking truck other than AHC issue
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    Portsmouth VA PPI Recs

    records attached...wonder what the 15% costco discount is used every time...
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    Portsmouth VA PPI Recs

    And the Lexus service records are extensive from Chantilly VA Lexus. One owner seemed to take great care of it. Thanks
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    Portsmouth VA PPI Recs

    Looking at this 2004 LX, high miles but one owner and no accidents. Anyone seen it? Any reason not to pursue? And if anyone in the area could help take a look would be much appreciated. Thanks for any advice...
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    Advice wanted: Struggling to find a decent '06-'10 LC or LX

    This may be a dumb question, but how do you go about getting a PPI when not in the vicinity of the vehicle? Thanks for guidance, have found one or two possible 04 LX in VA. Thanks-
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    For Sale Not mine/ 2006 LC $13,990

    Not much in way of service records-the "disabling" damage report before even sold must have an interesting story-
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    Advice Wanted, where to find a decent 06-07?

    Dumb question, but how do you find auctions? I have seen the "bringatrailer" site but assume you mean something else?
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