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    For Sale FZJ80 front springs

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    Parting Out 1993-1994 FZJ-80 One with Lockers

    I’ll take the HVAC control module. How much with shipping to 23111
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    Parting Out 1995 FZj80 Parting Out *updated*

    Do you have the heater control panel?
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    For Sale  FZJ80 front springs

    FZJ80 front springs. $50 and you pay the shipping. Located in Richmond VA
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    For Sale  Dual cases for mini truck Richmond VA

    Dual case set up for mini truck or 4Runner. This is the older trail gear set up. Bought it from a buddy and never got around to putting it in. $600 Also have an old 4” lift kit, 4.10 gears, a good 22RE head, and 2 5spd transmissions from a 90s model 4cyl.
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    Interco Super Swamper TSL SX2-65?

    I wish I would have seen this. I would have been interested in the 36s. Good to know that 4WD said they are out of the 37 SXIIs because I was about to order a set tomorrow.
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    Wanted Weld Super Single II

    Yea I am looking for 1 as a replacement. About to give up though and just sell them and buy a full set of something. Would you be interested in them?
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    Wanted Weld Super Single II

    Did you every find these. I'm looking for 1 15x8 as a replacement
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