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    MC Toybox vs regear?

    I would go with some 4.88's and air lockers. You can go a lot slower with an auto than a manual transmission so I wouldn't bother with a toybox if you could even get one. There was only a few 5 speeds with a toybox when I got mine. I have a 4.7 toybox and crazy low has rarely been used. The...
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    For Sale 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo / SF Bay Area (CA)

    It is very consistent at 24-25mpg with mixed driving and goes up on the highway. Updated price
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    For Sale  1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo / SF Bay Area (CA)

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo / SF Bay Area (CA) SOLD I am selling my 85 300D and need to have it sold/picked up in 1.5 weeks. SOLD
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    Cat Therm. Sensor Bad?

    I would try bypassing the thermo sensor and the emissions board and activate the VSV manually and see if you get air from the bypass hose. If that works, chances are you have a bad emission board or loose connector.
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    Help Wanted  Unix Administrator - Northern California/SF Bay area

    We are looking for some Unix Administrators at work. PM me if you are a Unix Administrator and open to new possibilities or refer someone you know. Please PM me and I can get you in contact with the hiring personal. The job is in the San Francisco Bay area here in California.
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    running bad after new cat

    Where are you located in CA? The seller didn't provide you a smog certificate when you bought it?
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    Snorkel question

    You wanted it pointing toward the front so you get that added 20hp from the RAM-air intake. :)
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    33x10.5 going the way of 33x9.5???

    I called BFG earlier this week about 33x10.5 AT. They have no plans to stop making the tire and should be coming out with a production run soon. All the people that have back orders placed will get the first ones and so it might take some time before they start showing up in stock. If you want...
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    Wanted  Used 33x10.5 R15 tire

    I am looking for a BFG AT 33x10.5 R15 or 33x9.5 R 15 for a spare tire. I am open to other types of tires of the same size. I would prefer something close but open to paying shipping for a good tire. PM me if you have something
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    You find the problem?
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    If the fuse is bad or open, then you will measure 12V across the fuse. If they are all good, the you should not measure any noticeable voltage across the fuses. This is done with the truck on so be careful where you put the leads. You can also pull fuses and measure continuity. So the VSV's are...
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    You sure a fuse wasn't pulled out when it was desmogged? Double check all your fuses. Measure voltage across them with the truck running. They should all be zero. The emission board provides a ground from what I remember. Unplug each VSV and measure the plug coming to it with your meter. How did...
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    If you tried multiple boards, the pins in connector to the board could still be pushed back and not making contact. Pull the board and take off the enclosure and then measure continuity from the back of each pin in the connector to the back of the associated pin behind the plug on the board.
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    Ok I just saw your message so most of my post does not apply.
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    Emissions Help Needed!

    You might of covered this already but he first things that come to mind to try are: Pull off the vacuum hose going to the ASV & ABV and use a hand pump to check the vacuum. Check the vacuum supply to the both. Pull off the hose going back to the air cleaner. You should feel the air if it is in...
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