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    13b, 14b head

    They look the same
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    13b, 14b head

    I just pulled the head off yesterday and found its not cracked, was just the head gasket between 2&3 cylinder so some new intake valves and a head gasket should sort it out. Found the 13b has sleeves and the 14b doesn't the faces are the same except the holes for the push rods are larger on the...
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    13b, 14b head

    Do 14b heads fit 13b blocks or even will 15b 4 valve heads fit either blocks. I've got a hilux with a 13b conversion and aftermarket turbo & 14b pump. It's cracked the head and valves are also on there way out. I've also got a 14b block that dropped a valve so I'm gunna build an engine, with...
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    14b mods

    I have a hilux that i have fitted a 13b into. It has a 14b front cover, timing gears, rotary pump and rb25 turbo. Does anybody know where i can get a 14b-t injector pump and can i use 14b-t injectors on the 13b?
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