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    For Sale 1989 FJ62- Northern IL

    As I mentioned in the description the lower quarter has had some previous repair which is only on the lower portion of the quarter.
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    For Sale 1989 FJ62- Northern IL

    There’s no rust anywhere other than drivers rear quarter (very bottom part) and spot behind the 4wd emblem, the areas around the rear hatch are just surface where the paint has worn away, not pitted that I can tell.
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    For Sale 1989 FJ62- Northern IL

    More pics:
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    For Sale  1989 FJ62- Northern IL

    Oklahoma 1989 FJ62, 3FE, auto trans for sale. Really good shape for its age, not perfect but has only very minor surface rust in a couple of spots on rear hatch and drivers side lower rear quarter panel has some rust and previous damage repair (that needs to be repaired correctly). Has 395,000...
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