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    Builds Goat. A 1967 survivor FJ-45 LWB

    The old man will be standing tall and riding good with all of that new hardware installed!
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    Fj 12ht Conversion

    Check out my build thread in the 45 clubhouse. I installed a 12HT into my 45.
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    HJ45 LWB Pickup, what size spare tire will fit underneath

    Chris which type of spare tire carrier does your truck have? I’m running the stock carrier for my 78’ and I have a 33 12.50 15 hanging under it. I suspect your carrier is different from mine. I would suggest test fitting one of your other current tires. I suspect it will fit.
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    Power steering for HJ47 2h engine

    I believe they are interchangeable.
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    Power steering for HJ47 2h engine

    It is a 12ht but they are the same.
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    Power steering for HJ47 2h engine

    A few more.
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    Power steering for HJ47 2h engine

    Apparently some did here is the proof. It’s not obvious but the PS mount is actually part of the right motor mount.
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    Anyone have a spare?

    I have a couple Rainey. They are from a 73’. Which side do you need? @Rainman
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    Road Less Traveled

    That was awesome!! Thank you very much for sharing it!!!
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    Builds after KOH LV build

    Monday mornings just won’t be the same :frown:
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    FJ40 Diesel Conversion

    Hood flex on a 40 is normal. The 2.8 is a good power plant for a 40 but the execution can be improved upon!
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    New owner of 65 FJ45 SWB

    Welcome to the club Jennifer! I’m sure you will be pleased with your new rig!!
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    Bought FJ45 SWB

    Awesome! I’m glad to see it going to a good home. Congratulations!!
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    cult45's 45 recovery and remobilisation

    Sorry to hear about you and Padme. That’s the way life goes sometimes. Good work on the 45 mate!
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