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    Hi i´m searching for some original HJ45 LHD H series engine image

    A google search will also give you very good pictures of your engine in factory colors.
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    1966 LV

    That's a beautiful 45! I would be interested in seeing how those hub caps are attached, when you have time?
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    1967 FJ45 LPB

    Nice truck! Welcome to the club! !!
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I have a Champion radiator in my 45. There were several fitment issues during the install and now after 10k miles it is weeping antifreeze in multiple places! I’m sure it will split a seam in the future.
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    Builds Found an Arabian FJ40

    Joel that interior is so clean! Maybe too clean!?
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    Mouldy Mario gets defoliated.

    X2 mate!
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    My first LV

    Matt I thunk you have missed the point sir! The correct tools are not for use, as one might misplace a tool, but are to be displayed with your rig at the inevitable car shows in your future!!
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    Dumpie rises from the ashes

    You should consider renaming your truck Phoenix, for obvious reasons.
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    GM 1956 GMC gets an upgrade or two!

    I have started a new project. I have had an itch to build a 55/56 GMC for a very long time. Well the time has come to scratch that itch. I searched for a few months and finally found one in north east Washington state. It had very little rust, an original running drive train for a reasonable...
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    Cruiser #2

    If you have any other old dash items like knobs, switches or a glove box door I could use them as well. Nothing needs to work. This is for an art project I’m trying to finish and get off of my bench. Thanks!
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    Cruiser #2

    Thanks George I will take it.
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    Cruiser #2

    George what are you going to do with the old cluster?
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