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    1FZ-FE EGR

    That is IT!
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    UAE eBay Parts?

    Hi- Not sure whether this is the correct forum for this matter, but my rig is a '95 FZJ80, 223k, in amazingly original (though rather neglected) condition. I need LOTS of parts, and would like to keep to OEM as much as possible. I see many such parts on eBay offered by sellers in the United...
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    1FZ-FE EGR

    Thanks a bunch! I like it when people tell me what I want to hear!
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    1FZ-FE EGR

    Hi - I removed the upper intake manifold from my '95 FZJ80 to sort out some evap system issues and clear my EGR passages. Everything is going OK (aside from most of the evap doodads being toast) EXCEPT: There is a vac hose from the EGR valve straight to a small steel tube sticking out of the...
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