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    For Sale Fs: deerfield 16x7.5 -13 offset 6x139

    Those are awesome, I haven't seen that model before.
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    Genuine Toyota crystal clear corner lamp interest

    Any oem land cruiser sets in yet?
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    Another new guy

    Slightly worse gas mileage after the lift and tires
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    Another new guy

    Took it on a little trip to Sedona this weekend.
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    My 2nd 100, this one from Japan!

    That’s awesome! I really want a rhd cruiser
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    Another new guy

    I got some wheels shipped over from Japan, painted the centers river rock green mica and had the bumpers and side trim painted to match.
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    DT Header O2 extension needed?

    I didn't need the extension either. I have brand new studs if anyone needs them for their install.
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    Another new guy

    I will post some pics of the overall truck soon. I need to clean up some stuff and get some decent pictures.
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    Another new guy

    Installed these beauties on Saturday. I’m pretty impressed with the drivability now.
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    What wheels are these?

    They are rotiform wheels. Most likely a one off.
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    Mod: Extending range of keyless entry

    That’s definitely a double din.
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    Mod: Extending range of keyless entry

    I had to remove the relays I think from this mount to get to it.
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    Toyota JDM Window Vent Visor Yay or Nay

    I like them!
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    Builds LXColorado Builds the Mako

    I see you on Yosemite too! A lot of great cruisers in our area! It looks even better in person.
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