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    SOLVED: Blue Smoke on Start Up - Thoughts?

    I also suggest replacing PCV valve. Very cheap and takes 5 minutes. When clogged they can cause an increase in crankcase pressure which could potentially encourage the oil seepage.
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    New FN Wheels BFD in bronze on LX570

    Just got the updated FN Wheels BFD Wheels in Bronze installed on my LX570 and they look amazing. I know there were some concerns with using FN Wheels previously due to their load rating and they have recently updated the wheel and they are now flow formed with a 2,500 lb per wheel load rating...
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    For Sale FS: Thule Crossroad Roof Rack Footpack Set 450R

    Hey, thanks. These actually just recently sold.
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    Consistent low oil (on dip stick) after change

    Back to the OP’s original question. I just did my first oil change and keep getting dipstick readings all over the place. Am I the only one having trouble reading the dipstick??
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Can confirm, I lived in Houston a few years ago and drove an Altima at the time. Was on 290 near Cypress and hit a child’s wagon in the middle of the highway. Got jammed in my undercarriage and was a total mess!
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Thanks! OEM size 285/60/18
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Big week for the LX. Roof rack delete, side molding delete, installed LC rocker panels (Slee sliders coming soon), and an oil change!
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Just wrapped up my roof rack delete, door chrome trim delete, and installing LC rocker panels and mudflaps. Loving the clean look.
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    LX570 bolt on sliders by Metal-tech 4x4 - available now!

    Because I have an LX570 (and have removed the side steps and installed LC rocker panels). Only 2 companies make LX570 sliders to accommodate the AHC.
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    LX570 bolt on sliders by Metal-tech 4x4 - available now!

    Bingo! This is exactly what I feared. The MT website states they fit with the 200 rockers so they definitely should update that. If only they had the same length/curve at the end as the LC sliders than these would be perfect!
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    For Sale  FS: Thule Crossroad Roof Rack Footpack Set 450R

    Up for sale is a like new set of Thule Rapid Crossroad foot pack to add a Thule roof rack to your factory bars. I used these twice on my 5th gen 4Runner and they will fit other models including the Land Cruiser and LX/GX roof racks as these are universal fit. Asking $140 shipped in the USA...
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    LX570 bolt on sliders by Metal-tech 4x4 - available now!

    Do we know for certain if these will work with the LC rocker trim? I’d rather replace the vs cut my running boards. The LC trim curves down a few inches at the front fender, not sure from the pics if the slider hangs low enough to clear that.
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    Replace that PCV valve

    Same as LC. Should be all black. I believe the Tundra uses a green one to indicate flex fuel.
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