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    2H alternator wiring questions

    Recently swapped a 2H into my fj73 and im just trying to figure out the alternator wiring. From what i understand there is a three wire plug (green,blue and black). One is the lamp one is the ign power and the other battery sense. Is this correct? Can anyone confirm which wire is which? And the...
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    2h in fj73 (alternator and edic wiring)

    Yeah thats what im leaning towards i would love to have it all 12v but if i have to i will do a manual one
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    2h in fj73 (alternator and edic wiring)

    Hi i recently swapped a 2h into my fj73, i have wired the starter abd glow plugs to seperate switches and plan to do the same for the edic, Just wondering if anyone know much about the wiring i can get it to activate and run from stop to run postion by it will keep going not actually stop in...
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    2h conversion

    Hi recently ripped the 3f out of my fj73 and picked up a 2h to swap in. Just wondering on things i should know I know wiring bellhousing, radiator fuel lines engine mounts have to be changed and thing else i should know? The other question is to do with the 2 vac line routing, i know they run...
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    Fj73 3f carby not running right

    Hi I have a 1985 fj73 landcrusier which up until now has been running fine. Went down the highway and exited and pulled up to a set of lights and noticed straight 6 was idling like a lumpy v8 with a bit of smoke coming out the back but one i make it to 2nd gear its fine. Anyone have a clue what...
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