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    SOLD WA: Slee ARB Foglight Surround Bumper Insert, RIGID Flush Mount Lights

    Next in line (for the lights anyway) if ⬆️ falls through
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    3f-e Intermittent throttle?/fuel? loss?

    I would, seriously consider pulling the intake plenum off & looking at the harness, where it runs along the fuel rail. I went through much of what you are doing, thinking it may be the harness, and HOPING I wouldn't have to pull the intake apart. I ended up spending WAAAAYYY more money and...
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    SOLD 1997 lx450

    How much for the rims? Are there 5? It looks like a matching 5th on the trailer deck. I'm local - BTW
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    Wanted Fj80 Supercharger

    I think you posted in the wrong category --> outdoor gear
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    SOLD toyota '84 transfer case with AA 4:1 gear set and AA adapter

    The way this is in pieces, I'm assuming it's a 60 series case? What year? Or more soecifically what bearing size; since that seems to be what determines the T-Case's durability. And then, what is the adapter? From what transmission to (again, I'm assuming) 60 series split case? All of this...
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    SOLD Colfax, CA Old 35x12.5’s and wheels

    Are these 15", 16", or 17" wheels? I'm assuming those are just rock rings and not actual beadlock. Is that correct? What is the wheel width & backspacing. The value is gonna be in the wheels, NOT the questionable tires; despite their meatiness.
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    For Sale Factory 80 series sub tank

    @Fran4500 Not sure if you realized yet, but you're asking about a posting that is OVER TEN YEARS OLD.
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    JDM parts shipped from Japan

    I know there has been some discussion recently, on a few different pages, about the 80 series JDM second row seat hinges. These allow the middle row seats to recline; whereas the US spec version only allow for one position. If you could source these, I'm sure there would be a market. (I...
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    80 series LED dome light kit

    There are SEVERAL different options available gir this, at a HELL of a lot less money I run something like these in my 91 (2 dome lights use FESTOON adapter, map light uses the BA9S adapter). The 91/92 DOESN'T have the door bulbs, so I'm not sure what base you need there. The one's I have I...
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    FJ80 SF to FF Disc Brake swap questions

    Are the ports oriented the same as the FJ80 / ABS FZJ80 -- Inverted - F port = rear brakes, R port = front brakes Did you have to modify the hard lines off of the Master Cylinder to fit this one?
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    FJ80 SF to FF Disc Brake swap questions

    I've thought about the T100 Master, but read somewhere that the large diameter = more volume but less pressure and I hadn't found anything in terms of real feedback on how that works & what it takes to set it up. Like I said, my 80 is my only vehicle at the moment. Now, family is relatively...
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    FJ80 SF to FF Disc Brake swap questions

    OK, 'Mud community, I've searched & read for the last few YEARS and still haven't come to a real conclusion on this. Hopefully somebody here can FINALLYclear some of this up. I have a 1991 3FE FJ80 (Disc/Drum brakes, w/o ABS) However, I have a Full Float disc brake E-Locked rear axle, from a...
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    SOLD Reno, NV- Toyota Trail Gear Trunion Bearing Eliminator Kit

    Now, you're the one being a D-Bag. Trying to sell NON-80 parts under the guise of being for an 80. 'cause there are a lot more 80 guys willing to drop dollars on "hardcore" stuff; just to say they've got it. Then getting all bent 'cause you got called on YOUR D-Baggery. All I did was, point...
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    SOLD Reno, NV- Toyota Trail Gear Trunion Bearing Eliminator Kit

    Now THAT makes it sound even more sketchy. So, you KNEW they weren't for the 80, and figured anyone else interested would know enough to know they weren't for an 80. 🤔 OR.... The more likely scenario... You HOPED some gullible wanba-be hard-core newbie would snatch 'em up, 'cause the...
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