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    3rd row seat bracket plastic ring

    Had the same problem, broke that little piece into two. The seat has been sitting in the garage for a while now because of it so I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread for answers
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    Help - Stuck in Grants Pass, OR with broken FJZ80 (Head Gasket?)

    If the pressure is strong enough to forcefully blast coolant out of the radiator when idling, I don't recommend putting the cap on. That's how I wound up with blown radiator seals in addition to a failed HG.
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    Engine dies when I switch headlights on?

    So I messed around with it this morning, and realized my DS turn signal was out too. This lead me to beleive it was a pinch of some sort in there. While I was taking the headlights off to check everything out, I noticed the small ground wire next to the battery was spinning as if it was loose. I...
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    Engine dies when I switch headlights on?

    While I was putting everything back together I replaced both the radiator and the AC condenser + dryer, so the headlights were removed and moved around for a while. It's very possible I could have damaged something during that process without realizing. I'll try running a volt meter on the...
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    Engine dies when I switch headlights on?

    I just recently finished up a head gasket job on my '97 1FZ-FE. It's all flushed out now and running great, however, every time I try to switch the headlights on, the engine immediately dies, no matter what RPMS it had been running at. It won't start back up until I flip the switch off again...
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    Parting Out Complete 1991 FJ80

    Interested in a knock sensor
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    Parting Out parting out 97 fzj 80

    Looking for 2 knock sensors off of the engine block
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    1FZ-FE Cylinder Head Questions

    Ocean County In Jersey
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    1FZ-FE Cylinder Head Questions

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. What do you mean when you say the "lash"? When you're talking about having the head straightened out that means something other than just having the surface that sits on the block corrected right?
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    1FZ-FE Cylinder Head Questions

    I know this is long but bear with me... I'm in the middle of a head gasket job on my 1997 and I have a couple questions now that I've pulled the head. It's currently sitting in a machine shop, dipped and clean, awaiting further instruction on where to go from here. 1. Is there a maximum amount...
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