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    Towing question

    Weight Distributing Hitch and Good Brakes... Lots of towing threads on here btw
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    Count the FJ25's! SAW this week.
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    Partsouq Shipping Head Gasket

    WOW yes that's nothing. Thanks for such a good visual on it. Need to order the set soon so this will help a lot- $$$
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    Partsouq Shipping Head Gasket

    Curious- What are the Differences in the HG? Still the improved version with the small round holes in the end instead of the triangles?
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    Braking heat (hot wheel) after long downhills...caliper, lines, pads, rotors replaced...ideas?

    Be sure the Rears ARE working enough. fronts will get hot doing ALL the work. lspv can be a problem not allowing enough rear braking. Turning motion into heat IS the brake's job. side to side temp difference is a problem tho. should both be fairly close temps. if not there is a problem. ck with...
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    Preparing to replace head gasket... What do I need? Where do I start?

    CAN'T REUSE IT. BUT- can let the valve guide seals ride and drive indefinitely. Fix all other oil leaks and likely stop a large percentage of oil Consumption. . Don't even know consumption rate.
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    Preparing to replace head gasket... What do I need? Where do I start?

    Probably Don't NEED HG. May WANT. Unless it's drinking coolant. HG replacement is to repair (or prevent future repair) of Coolant loss through the cylinders. It will give you valve guide seals to stop puffing smoke on starts if you replace the guide seals (or have head fully rebuilt) while the...
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    Power Steering box - where to go from here?

    Or clean it off - find where it's leaking and ONLY replace the seals on that shaft. never have these but lots of saginaws farily easy. Forcing the steering one way is how you get the sector shaft seals out of saginaw boxes after removing the snap ring.
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    How many of you have basically never had any serious issue with your 80's?

    Beat down rusty stock '94 DD work truck 6 years of ownership 220k-282k. . besides normal oil changes, greasing, topping fluids few used tires- lube hinges etc, etc- 3 cheap reman calipers- 2 sets front pads- 1 rear pads- plugs used cap, rotor, wires-corroded harness connection under intake...
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    buying and R&R'ing a used 80 series engine?

    good call on the gaskets and head work since they all suck oil through valve guide seals once old . 250 is rock bottom dirt cheap core pricing for a 175k mi engine these days.
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    Rainman's Brake Lines

    Look like my repairs on my rusty '79 40 snowplow rig. I dont care because mine will rust out again.
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    Steering wheel wobble 0-30mph

    Bad belts in tire. (or bent wheel?) Jack up one side (both tires)- idle in gear watch tire surfaces closely to determine which one or more it is. side to side and tread surfaces. It should be VERY obvious compared to the others.
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    Maintenance...Water Pump, T-Stat, Oil Cooler, Flush Engine/Radiator, now head-gasket blown :(

    Very nice to see the old school "hands-on" approach to inspecting, cleaning, lapping, assembling for a change instead of shipping it off and throwing it back on. This is exactly what's planned for mine I (as most) have good valve clearances but need guide seals badly. Especially like the idea...
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    Can I put together a 3FE when I don't know what I'm doing? Lets find out...

    2- Butoxyethanol* 111-76-2 <8 25 ppm N/A Sodium Metasilicate Sodium Hydroxide 1344-09-8 1310-73-2 <5 <6 N/A 2 mg/m3 N/A N/A
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    Killing sunroof Rattle

    Probably not what spec'd but a combo in all spots- 140 gear lube down the drive mechanism- silicone where seals etc contact-light grease applied VERY lightly by finger wipe) on any sliding bushing areas- drops of 30w on some pivots- some spray lithium on some unreachable toward the rear -then...
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