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    Can the Transfercase VC be rebuilt?

    Thread and install bolts/plugs in the holes instead of welding up?
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    how worn is too worn?

    If the Viscous coupler is binding up, the birfs will bind BADLY as it's the same as locking the CDL (almost) I thought mine were junk until I removed the VC then clicking 95% GONE.
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    Filling a small hole without welding

    I Would try it on that. What I always did were round holes drilled in good steel but I bet it works ok and can fill the pits like the body guys do the dents. I'd be watching youtube quite a bit before tying long areas on the surface though. Can Try brazing if you have oxy acetylene and can do...
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    Filling a small hole without welding

    This is the ONLY way I've ever filled holes up to at least 1/4" or maybe even 5/16"- rat tail file the hole to clean metal- heat around it with propane torch (acety will work if careful)- quick circles around the OD of the hole- solder onto the steel- depending how well you get at it it will...
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    Head Gasket on 97

    Doing Guide seals also- the cause of sucking some oil?
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    Cooling Woes

    If it cools after you start moving- it's the fan/clutch. I've driven cars without fans installed or electric fans working before and they are fine until you slow/stop. The air pushes through very well.
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    1996 intermittent no crank and once cranked while running on its own

    check connections on the neutral switch also. install or carry a jumper to get it to crank if it doesn't.
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    Timken wheel bearings not fitting on axle shaft

    Good idea to test fit the new parts individually onto each other after disassembling and cleaning- seals-races- that way any burrs etc can be cleaned up. they should hand slide onto spindle- the outer races should be a press fit- Will see if you have WRONG parts. - easy to address them on the...
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    Pressure Test it. I prefer to hose things off to flush coolant off- let it completely dry- then Fill- CAREFULLY -install the tester NOT SPILLING- pump it up. If no leaks wait a while check later.
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    Suggestions please, removing busted sensor

    IDEA ONLY- based on welding to broken bolts to remove- which Ive done a LOT. Braze a bole to the bottom of the brass cylinder- maybe with the heat having been applied can screw it out. IDK if threads are NPT tapered wont go further in.
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    1FZ Water Pump/valve stem seals Longevity

    Wouldn't it have been disassembled to resurface/clean and guide seals done at that time out of the HG set?
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    1FZ Water Pump/valve stem seals Longevity

    I'm going to be doing the same thing. I'd do the guide seals unless you know they have been done. . I have a 94 and 97 that both smoke oil at startup from guides. I will be doing all gaskets, seals, as I'm going to do HG. and good time to do some inspecting including rod brgs maybe a few mains...
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    Marketplace score!

    INCREDIBLY rust free underneath for rust belt vehicle. Had to have come from way out of the region. cherish that.
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    Transmission/Transfer Case Whine

    Thought the idler shaft/bearings was the death of one of these if not fixed, I've only done full rebuilds (terrain tamer) ?? out of a kit but think often only the shaft/bearings can be done however idk how to check short of full disassembly- FWIW when I put earlier 2.32 3 spd tcase onto my 4spd...
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    Rough lx450

    You're in the rust belt anyway. If it ran ok - cool but …. I bought a rusty '94 for parts 6 years ago and it ran too good to part- still DD it . have put 60+k mi on it and maybe $200+ for brake parts and fluids, plugs. keep it lubed , maintained, etc and repaired. 282k on it now . no rockers...
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