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    1994 FZJ73 with 1FZF Engine - Alternator Question?

    My alternator is going out and needs to be replaced. Checked on and there are a couple of options. Seems like the only difference is that one is 12V 55A and the other one is 12V 80A. How do you know which one to buy? Here is the link...
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    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Just installed new seats into my FZJ73. Had to get the seat mounts for the new Corbeau seats designed and fitted by RCI Jeep in Melbourne Florida.
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    FZJ73 Searching for Air Conditioning Part Needed

    How and where do you check the parts catalog to see if there is a newer part that will work?
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    FZJ73 Searching for Air Conditioning Part Needed

    I am looking for a part for my air conditioning system. The part number is 88460-60130 (Condenser Assy, Cooler). I've checked Parts Souq (PartSouq Auto Parts Around the World) where I have had a lot of good luck but they don't have this part.
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    I've got a 1994 FZJ73 from Columbia. Best source I've found for original Toyota Parts is PartSouq Auto Parts Around the World So far I've ordered air filters, fuel filters, door molding, windshield wiper motor and a air conditioner evaporator core. All worked great.
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    New to me FZJ73

    following. My sons just got me a fzj73, it was the red one from a post you commented on earlier this year. Definitely need to learn more about the vehicle!
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